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Links to sites focusing on animal communication and earth partnership.


 Animal Communication Sites: -- Carole Gurney's web site -- Penelope Smith's web site -- Dawn Baumann Brunke's web site -- Patricia Jepsen and Delphi's web site -- Charlene Boyd's web site

For an extensive list of animal communicators,
visit the Animal Communicator Directory at Penelope Smith's web site.


 Humane Animal Links:

Best Friends Animal Society
The Cat House on the Kings
Circle of Life Farm
The Elephant Sanctuary
North Shore Animal League America
Pets Alive
Spring Farm Sanctuary


 Education Links:

(Programs Focusing on Earth Awarenessand Partnership)

OakMeadow (Homeschool Curriculum)
Robert MullerSchools
TheSanctuary School
Waldorf Education
WildlifeConservation Society
WildlifeUniversity (NWF)


 Earth Links for Teens and Adults:

EarthCharter USA
Earth DayNetwork
Girlsfor Planet Earth
TheGreen Squad
International Fund for Animal Welfare
InternationalWildlife Coalition
Kind Planet
Teensfor Planet Earth
United Nations
United NationsEnvironment Programme
Wildlife ConservationSociety
WorldSociety for the Protection of Animals
Youth forEnvironmental Sanity


 Earth Links for Kids:

Children of the Earth
Children of the Earth United
Compassionate Kids
Cyberschoolbus (U.N.)
Delphi Kids Club
Earth Scouts
The Green Squad
Inch In A Pinch
Kids For A Clean Environment
Kids Go Wild!
Kids in Nature's Defense
Kids' Planet
Kids Saving the Rainforest
Kind Kids
Kiwi Conservation Club (New Zealand)
Koko's Kids Club
SuperKids International
Tree Musketeers
United Nations Environment Programme
WSPA Rangers


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